Assemblies are over...but you can still submit ideas! 
Well - all 10 Budget Assemblies for 2014 are in the books - but it's not too late for you to still submit ideas.

You can submit new ideas through Open City Hall through March 28th by following this link.

PB Vallejo has experienced tremendous success so far in Cycle 2. Attendance at Assemblies was up 12% from the first year (notable since other PB programs in New York City and Chicago experienced a 25-45% decline in attendance during the 2nd year). We're still counting the ideas and posting them online - if you submitted an idea at an assembly, you should get an e-mail asking you to "claim your idea." This will allow you to edit, revise, change, or modify your idea (until March 28th!).

Did you have a PB project last year that just barely didn't make the vote cutoff? Those ideas last year that finished #13, #14, etc. etc. have a great chance this year - and the hard work of developing a proposal is already done! Make sure you've resubmitted ideas from last year that weren't approved - because each year in PB is a new chance to use your tax dollars in a way that benefits all of Vallejo.
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Andrea Calderon (Guest) said On 09 April, 2014 at 11:08 AM
Head Start needs help! Our center provides education and family services from housing to employment assistance, health and education but we are having trouble. Within the last few months our preschoolers have witnessed a murder right in front of our school, have had to be on lock down for shootings behind the school and we have had a child's parent murdered. We witness prostitution and drug dealing daily and we need help. Safety is the main priority for parents and although all other agencies have left the area, we are still here, alone to help these children and their families. We are looking for help with surveillance cameras, a shotspotter so we can get police response when something happens (which is about an hour or more at this point)or have the police substation back in our parking lot, and community beautification including a garden in the empty lot across the street. We would also like the same drug free zone signs up around our head start preschools as the school district schools do, to discourage drug dealing. We realize this is a lot to ask, however, we feel our over 100 preschoolers and their families are worth it as well as our future children who will get their first experiences with school here. Please take this email in extreme consideration and please come visit us to see where we are and what we do, please give us a chance! Thank you  
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