Legislative Priorities & Advocacy Procedures

The City of Vallejo, with assistance from the League of California cities, City lobbyists, and local government/professional associations, monitors state and federal legislation and identifies bills that address issues or policy areas described in the Legislative Priorities and Advocacy Procedures adopted by the City Council.

If it is determined that the legislation is consistent or inconsistent with the Legislative priorities, the City Manager drafts a response taking an advocacy position in support or opposition to the proposed legislation, and provides an official response, in most cases signed by the Mayor on behalf of the City Council, to the legislative body reviewing the bill or measure.  Alternatively, the City Manager may choose to monitor certain legislative items in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Legislative Priorities, and can provide the legislative body with a letter of concern or interest without taking a formal position.

Common advocacy methods utilized on behalf of the City include letters, phone calls, emails and prepared forms. The City Manager advises staff to administer the form of advocacy, typically via letters signed by the Mayor, City Manager, or designee, on behalf of the City Council. All draft legislative letters initiated by the City Manager state whether the City is requesting “support”, “oppose”, or “oppose unless amended” action on the issue, and shall include adequate justification for the recommended action. When a letter is sent to a state or federal legislative body, City Councilmembers, the City Clerk, and state legislators representing the City of Vallejo are included as a copy “cc” on the letter. The appropriate contacts at the League of California Cities, the City’s lobbyists, and legislative consultants, if applicable, are also included as a cc on legislative letters.

Letters will be uploaded to the City’s website here for ongoing community review.  This information will be included in the City Manager’s Bi-weekly Report.