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Participatory Budgeting

 IT'S OFFICIAL: 2014 Cycle 2 Results are in and Vallejo has spoken!
The following 8 projects receiving the most votes were approved by City Council on November 4th.
Project Name Cost  Votes 
1.   Help the Homeless Veterans, Seniors, Disabled & Kids
2.   Prioritizing Street & Pothole Repair-Repaving
3.   Improving School Meals
4.   Summer Youth Employment & Internship Program
5.   Sidewalk Repair & Street Tree Preservation
6.   Strike Up the Bands
7.   A.B.C. Arts, Beautification, Community Development
8.   **Special Fire Rescue Vehicle Replacement**

**The remaining funds after the first seven projects receive full funding is $302,553.
According to the Rulebook the City Council can partially fund the next project with the most votes. 

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In 2012, the City of Vallejo made history by becoming the first U.S. municipality to approve participatory budgeting (PB) city-wide. PB engages all Vallejo residents to help decide how to spend a portion of the city budget.

In Year 1, Vallejo residents created and approved 12 public projects, from community gardens to youth scholarships to park rehabilitation. On March 6, the Office of the City Manager, City of Vallejo, released a summary report of Year 1 that addresses the background, participation, representation of Vallejo's diverse community, and outcomes. You can view or download the summary report by clicking here.

In Year 2, Vallejo residents created and approved 8 public projects, from housing to school bands to public art.

Now the City of Vallejo is gearing up for the 2nd year of PB - help make it a success! (Click here for the proposed Cycle 3 Timeline)

You can use to access the city's website for Participatory Budgeting.