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Project Description-Status 1.45 MB
Notice of Intent to Adopt A Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Vallejo-Baylink Ferry Maintenance...3.97 MB
MI Dry Dock 4 Initial Study & Mitigated Neg. Dec.
MI Dry Dock 2 & 3 Reuse Mit. Neg. Dec.
Mare Island Specific Plan10.4 MB
Mare Island Settlement Agreement340 KB
Mare Island Cemetery Headstone Replacement Revised Initial Study & Mitigated Negative Declaration2.02 MB
Mare Island Building 84/84A Demolition Project
H4-Proposed Changes to Section 6 from NTHP510 KB
H3-Response to NT Memo67.1 KB
H2-SPA II Memo from NTHP122 KB
H1-SPA II Attachment Intro15.6 KB
G-SPA II Addendum62.6 KB
F-Proposed Text Amendments to Chapter 1611.4 KB
Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report 49.0 MB
E-SPA II Development Plan119 KB
E1-2007 Amendments Review Guide Appendix E11.7 KB
D-SPA II Catalogue Indexes No Photos320 KB
Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report 57.3 MB
C-SPA II Appendix B3.82 MB