The Traffic Maintenance section safeguards the community by repairing and maintaining all traffic-related assets. 

The Traffic section Responds to Calls for:

  • Streetlight Malfunctions (burnt out bulbs, day-burning lamps, etc.) 
  • Downed Streetlight Poles 
  • Stolen Copper Wire
  • Downed, Damaged, or Missing Traffic/Street Signs
  • Faded Street Markings 

Other Traffic section Duties:

    To report a non-emergency problem, please submit a report on SeeClickFix below, on their website, or through the smartphone App. You can also call us at (707) 648-5235. Please be prepared to give an exact location and description of the problem, so we may assist you appropriately.


    LED Streetlight Project

    2014 - The Public Works Department is working to convert approximately 8,000 streetlights from High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) to LED lights. This will significantly decrease the cost of maintenance and electricity. PG&E is offering a rebate to municipalities that convert to LED lights by December 2014.

    Learn more about the Streetlight Conversion project here.

    2012 - The City of Vallejo received a Federal grant for $589,000 to fund the replacement of high-pressure sodium streetlights with light emitting diode (LED) luminaries. Since April 2012, the City has been replacing streetlights in non-residential areas throughout Vallejo.

    To learn more about this project, please email us or call us at (707) 648-4518.

    Report a Non-Emergency Maintenance Issue

    Use the form below, visit, or download the Smartphone App.