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WT7091 Notice of Intent to Award_8.24.1724.9 KB
WT7091 Bid Results 08.24.1750.0 KB
Water CIP Projects
Engineering CIP Projects
Demolition & Abatement Mare Island
7087 Memo Notice of Intent to Award29.5 KB
2018-04-05 On-Call Miscellaneous Maintenance Work
2018-04-02 Law Enforcement Canine Training
2018-01-25 Demolition & Abatement Mare Island (1)
2018-01-25 Demolition & Abatement Mare Island
2017-09-27 Professional Consulting Services - 5 Year WAter Rate PLan & Rate Study
2017-08-14 Programming and Software Application Support Services
2017-05-11 ADA Transition Plan
2017-03-06 Preliminary Engineering Phase for Vallejo Bluff Trail
2017-02-27 RFP to Provide False Alarm Management Services
2017-02-17 RFP Provide Workers' Compensation Claims Service
2017-02-10 RFP - Temporary Agency Employee Services
17-01-13 2017 RFQ - Receivers for Substandard & Public Nuisance Properties, Etc.
17-01-12 RFP Non-Profits to Provide Social Services Using CDGB Funds
16-07-29 RFP Parking Enforcement