Complete Development Agreements

City Council Priority: Complete Development Agreements

At the Council Goal Setting in March 2019, the Council expressed a desire to complete several significant development agreements currently in process.  Accomplishment of this priority is critical for the City’s economic development goals.  Listed below are a number of the action items associated with this Tier 1 Council priority:
  • Facilitate Lennar-Nimtz Transfer
  • Complete Mare Island Master Plan
  • Negotiate/Execute North Mare Island Development & Disposition/Purchase Agreement
  • Negotiate new Development Agreement for South Mare Island
  • Complete Cleanup on remaining North & South Mare Island properties
  • Identify professional management, maintenance and operations of Mare Island Preserve
  • Complete Blue Rock Entitlements, Development & Disposition/Purchase Agreement & MOU with Syar Industries
  • Finalize & Complete Northern Waterfront 404 Permit for wetland restoration/mitigation to facilitate development
  • Identify Marina revitalization plan
  • Issue RFQ for Southern Waterfront Development
  • Prepare for Central Waterfront end of term & Phase B garage funding
For more information on these and other Economic Development efforts underway, please visit the City’s Economic Development page here and Major Development and Specific Plan Documents page here.

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Update – Spring 2019: RFQ for Marina Revitalization Plan

In the spring of 2019, the City issued an RFQ for the Marina revitalization plan. City staff are projected to recommend a firm for City Council consideration by the end of Fiscal Year 2020.

Update – June 2019: Council Approves Exclusive Negotiation Agreement for Housing Project

In June 2019, the City Council approved an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement as part of the City’s efforts to complete a Blue Rock Golf Course Housing Project Entitlements, Development & Disposition/Purchase Agreement & MOU with Syar Industries.

Update – September 2019: City Issues Contract Planner RFQ to Support Nimitz Group

In September 2019, the City issued a Contract Planner RFQ as part of its efforts to facilitate and support the Nimitz Group with the completion of the Mare Island Master Plan. Staff are projected to recommend a contract for City Council consideration in February 2020. 

Update – September 2019: City Approves Dept. of Toxic Substances Control Clean-up Plan

In September 2019, the City approved a Department of Toxic Substances Control clean-up plan, as part of its efforts to issue an RFQ. City staff anticipate releasing the RFQ in the spring of 2020. 

Update – September 5, 2019: City Conducts Community Meeting about Mare Island

On September 5, 2019, the City conducted a community meeting related to the long-term management, maintenance and operations of the Mare Island Regional Park.

Update – October 2019: City Approves Term Sheet for Mare Island Development Agreement

In October 2019, the City approved a term sheet as part of the North Mare Island Development Agreement. A final option agreement is anticipated in April 2020.

Update – November 15, 2019: City of Vallejo Contractors Begin Mare Island Demolition Phase II

A. Background

Mare Island, with its entire infrastructure, was transferred to the City of Vallejo in 1996 as part of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard closure. In 2017, City Council approved the terms of a Section 108 loan from the federal government that funds the demolition of blighted buildings on North Mare Island. This demolition will allow the City to recruit new business and accelerate economic development on the island. 

B. Current Project

Mare Island Demolition Phase II will demolish and remove Building Numbers 571, 641, 791, 793, and 1001. All five buildings have been vacant for many years. Resource Environmental, Inc., which has worked with the City in the past, was awarded the construction contract this September.

C. Timeline

Work began on three of the buildings on November 13, 2019. Simultaneously, demolition activities began on Building 1001, which suffered fire damage in September. The project has a 60 working-day contract and is scheduled to be complete by January 2020. 

For questions or additional information on this project, please contact the Public Works Engineering Division at

Update – November 15, 2019: City of Vallejo Enters New Partnership as Nimitz Group Completes Mare Island Acquisition

A. Mare Island Development Project

Mare Island is a large former navy base that has become a dynamic mixed-use Bay Area destination. The island has been redeveloped through public-private partnerships since 1999, and its development is a priority for City Council.

B. The Nimitz Group’s Acquisition

The Nimitz Group, a developer, has completed its acquisition of the island. The group acquired 157 acres in North Mare Island in 2018 and the Mare Island golf course in June 2019 and expanded its holding to over 800 acres of commercial and residential land with its summer purchase of the shipyard.

C. A Note from City Manager Greg Nyhoff 

"Combining the north and south parts of the island under a single private developer, and the support demonstrated by our community and City Council, will accelerate the growth and expansion of commercial opportunities on Mare Island. The Nimitz Group shares the City’s vision of anchoring sustainable, living-wage employers in Vallejo in an environment that provides access to the resources today’s businesses need – transportation options, a skilled workforce, quality housing, and a proactive City partner.”

Update – November 18, 2019: Request for Qualifications Released for Solano360

The City of Vallejo, in partnership with Solano County, released a Request for Qualifications today for the Solano360 fairgrounds redevelopment project. This request, a pre-qualifier for a future request for proposals, hopes to attract a development firm with the vision and organization to execute a proposal.

Update – February 5, 2020: Nimitz Group Selects Southern Land Company to Assist with Mare Island Planning

The Nimitz Group announced today that it has selected Southern Land Company to assist with the long-term planning, development and management of the Mare Island community in Vallejo, California. 

The City of Vallejo has entered into a public-private partnership with The Nimitz Group for future redevelopment plans on the island. Southern Land Company’s experience will help ensure that Mare Island becomes an economic engine and world class destination for the City of Vallejo, Solano County and the Bay Area

Note from City Manager Nyhoff: “This is an exciting time for Vallejo as The Nimitz Group enters Phase 2 of their development plan for Mare Island. This is the natural evolution of megaprojects such as these and speaks to the continuity and foresight of this phased approach. Bringing in Southern Land Company’s experience and resources will help to build a resilient and equitable future for the community.”

Please see the press release for more details.

Update – February 20, 2020: City Begins Negotiations with Developer for Housing and Commercial Project

The City began negotiations with developers for a mixed-use housing and commercial project on the waterfront. The preliminary project concept includes 130 new housing units and ground floor commercial space at 485 Santa Clara Street, a City-owned site that formerly housed the post office. The project will be built around a new public parking garage that will serve the Waterfront, Ferry passengers, commuters, and downtown residents and visitors. It is a block from SolTrans’ direct shuttle to the El Cerrito BART station.

The City of Vallejo anticipates a negotiated agreement with the developers, Holliday Development and Factory_OS, to come before the City Council for consideration in late spring 2020.

For more information, please see the City’s press release