The Streets section is part of a skilled team that is dedicated to the maintenance and repair of City streets, which totals approximately 714 road miles.

Services Provided

• Street paving and repair

• Curb & gutter maintenance

• Pothole repair

• Select sidewalk repairs

Street sweeping


 Street Section works on carolina St. 2013

 Proposed FY 15-16 Paving Schedule

Useful Links

Streets & Potholes FAQ page - What is a Pothole? How are Potholes fixed?
City of Vallejo PCI Rating - The PCI Rating helps to determine which streets  are paved or worked on
Engineering City Council Presentation - All the factors that go into determining paving
Current Public Works Street Paving Schedule

If you would like to learn more about Traffic Calming measures used by the City and how to request a survey of a specific area, please visit the Traffic Engineering page.

Report a non-emergency Maintenance Issue

To report a non-emergency maintenance issue, please use SeeClickFix.

Help keep our streets safe! By reporting hazards, we are able to respond to problems more efficiently.

You can also report a street maintenance problem by calling (707) 648-5235.