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Conservation Rebate Programs

Every Drop Counts


In partnership with the Solano County Water Agency, the City of Vallejo currently offers its water customers these money saving cash rebates!

Click on the pictures below for more information, or visit for information on all water conservation rebate programs in Solano County.  Call us at 707-648-5299 with any questions.

 Rebate Title

Program Dates

Cash Amount

Available To

High Efficiency Toilet 
HE Toilet

            Program Suspended Locally and at the State Level.  Click HERE to  view the State of California Department of  Water Resources website.

Funds depleted for local and state programs.


This program is not scheduled to be renewed locally

Smart Irrigation Controller
                        Irrigation Timer

July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

 $300 for 4 - 12 station timers

$700 for 13 - 24 stations timers

$1,000 for 25 or more

Residential & Commercial Customers

For application and guidelines visit Solano Water Programs
or call the Conservation section

High Efficiency Washing Machine
                        HE Washing Machine

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

$50 to $150 depending on model

(Combined Rebate with PG&E
100 Water Agency & 50 PG&E)

Residential Customers

For application and guidelines visit water energy savings or call the Conservation section

Water Efficient Landscape
(Turf Removal Program)


Two Programs Available
1. Solano County Turf Removal: Read the program terms and conditions and call for a pre-inspection

2. "NEW" State Turf Removal Program:
Click HERE for details.

Funding Renewed for Solano County Program on July 1, 2016 (up to $1,000 per customer). Call 707-455-1113 to find out more.

Up to $2,000 from State of California 

Residential Customers


Retrofit Kits

Indoor Outdoor Kits
   Free retrofit kits
 Residential Customers

For information on the kits, visit the Retrofit Kit page or call the Conservation section

Got Questions? - Call the City Water Division Conservation Section at (707) 648-5299