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Residential & Commercial Programs

Every Drop Counts
Local Water Resource and Information

 Vallejo water customers are eligible to receive any of these "free" household water conservation gadgets. Call (707) 648-5299 to find out how to get yours.

 Low Flow Shower Head  Bathroom & Kitchen Aerator  5 Minute Shower Timer  Water Hose Flow Meter  Soil Moisture Meter  Water Hose Spray Nozzle
Low Flow Shower Heads Bathroom & Kitchen Aerators 5-Minute Shower Timer Water Hose Flow Meter Soil Moisture Meter Water Hose Spray Nozzle 

Need help with a landscape or gardening project?water wise gardening in solano county

Check out the Solano Waterwise Gardening Program. It’s a free on-line landscaping and plant selection resource guide designed specifically for those living in Solano County’s diverse climate zones. It’s great for………
  • Seeing what a mature plant looks like 
  • Grouping plants based on size, water, and soil needs
  • Selecting plants that fit your landscape setting

Residential Landscape Workshops:

Held every Spring in April / May. A series of 2-hour training sessions are taught by local landscape professional covering topics in: Drip Irrigation, Irrigation System Design, and Plant Selection with a focus on  drought tolerant plants. 

Click on the workshop title or the images shown below to view the slides presented during our workshops.

Drip Irrigation 2014
The Basics 2013                Irrigation Design 2013     Plant Selection 2013
 the Basics  Irr Design  Plant Selection

Water Wise Gardening in Solano County
Water Wise Gardening in Solano County