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Rent Calculation/Subsidy Standards

The Housing Choice Voucher Program uses a Payment Standard.

The family’s portion of rent plus a utility allowance cannot exceed 40% of the adjusted income for new admission participants into the program.

The Housing Agency’s utility allowance is now included in the calculations. Gross rent equals the contract rent plus the utility allowances. Copies of the utility allowance are included in the Movers packet that is given to the participant with the transfer to move Utility Allowance.

The family’s Total Tenant Payment (TTP) is the highest of 30% adjusted monthly income, 10% total monthly income. The family’s TTP is indicated on the voucher.

Subtract the TTP from the lesser of gross rent or theregular payment standard to obtain the housing subsidy amount.

The difference between the contract rent and the subsidy isthe amount the family pays.


(Based on a 2 bedroom unit in the city area)


Gross Rent $1,000 contract rent + $100 utility allowance


Payment Standard


(Lesser of gross rent or the payment standard)


Minus the TTP


Equals the Subsidy Amount


Contract Rent


Minus the Subsidy Amount


Equals the Family’s Rent