Capital Projects (CIP)

Sunset rebar at Parking StructureThe Capital Improvement Project (CIP) section ensures the management of all City projects. CIP provides engineering design, construction administration, and construction inspection for the City’s Capital Improvement Program.

Please visit our Standard Specifications page for links to the current City of Vallejo standard specifications and refrenced specifications.

Interested in learning more about how street paving projects are decided? Take a look at the PowerPoint that was presented to City Council November 19th, 2013.

Capital Projects Bids and Proposals

You can receive updates and specifications for a project by registering as a Planholder. Visit the Bids & Proposals page for information.

For questions regarding current bids and proposals, please call us at (707) 648-5251.

Current Projects

For questions regarding a Current Project, please visit the project page for appropriate contact information.

Projects in Development

Projects under Construction

Completed Projects

Visit our Project Archive to view completed projects. Projects on this page are complete and are shown for information purposes only.

If you have quesitons regarding the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) section, please email us or call (707) 648-5251.