Indoor & Outdoor Retrofit


Do-it-yourself kits are available through the City of Vallejo Water Division. These free Retrofit Kits help property owners replace home fixtures with
water efficient devices.

The kits*** include: Indoor Outdoor Kits

  • Easy to follow instructions 
  • Kitchen faucet aerator
  • Bathroom sink aerator
  • Thread- sealing Telflon tape
  • Toilet Tank Bank (a water displacement device for toilet models of 3.2 gallons per flush or more)
  • Water-efficient showerhead
  • Toilet leak detection tablets (Place these dye tablet in the toilet tank and wait  approximately 10 minutes. If the dye color appears in the bowl, then you may have a leak in your flapper valve.)
  • Spray nozzle with 7 different spray patterns
  • Soil moisture meter probe (use this probe to measure whether your plant needs additional watering).
  • 5- Minute shower timer (place this sand timer in your shower and measure how long is your shower).

Send your Retrofit Kit requests to or call 707- 648-5299 There is a limit of one per household.

*** Note: The water –efficient devices may or may not fit your household fixtures due to the models you may already have installed at your home.