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City Clerk Document Library

SolTrans Application 10.21.1590.6 KB
Solano Open Space Citizen's Advisory Committee Application 10.21.15139 KB
Sister City Commission Application 10/1592.2 KB
Planning Commission Application 10/1591.0 KB
Ordinances for new Boards & Commissions
Ordinance No. 1698 N.C. (2d) Amending Ch. 2.40 HRC456 KB
Ordinance No. 1688 N.C. (2d) - BDRB472 KB
Mobile Home Rent Review Board Application 10/15173 KB
Mayor & Councilmembers99.0 KB
Marina Advisory Committee Application 10/1588.7 KB
Library Board Application 10/1591.6 KB
Human Relations Commission Application 10/1590.8 KB
Housing and Redevelopment Application 10/15166 KB
GVRD Board Application 10/1591.6 KB
General Plan Working Group Application 10/15268 KB
Economic Vitality Commission Application 10/1591.4 KB
Code Enforcement Appeals Board Application 10/15199 KB
Claim Form 10.20.15 (1)116 KB
Civil Service Commission Application 10/15112 KB
City of Vallejo Candidate Information Guide 2016162 KB