Strike Up the Bands

 Band Instruments for Schools

Project Allocation: $ 90,000
 Amount Expended: 99%
Votes: 905   Voting finish among 8 projects approved:  #6
Project Description:
Will provide much needed new instruments to ALL High School & Middle School band programs in Vallejo allowing MORE students to participate in band.

Implementing Entities:
Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD)


VCUSD has purchased more than 80 instruments to be distributed at 5 middle and high schools in Vallejo.

The project leveraged an additional $155,000+ of in-kind contributions from VCUSD.

 Strike Up The Bands  Strike Up the Bands  Strike Up the Bands

VCUSD Contract
 Resolution No. 14-131 N.C.
 Original Project Proposal