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Dispensary Compliance

Permit to Operate

The City Council adopted Ordinance No.1770 N.C. (2d) Amending Chapter 7.1 of the Municipal Code Regarding Requirements for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, creating a permit to operate for the eleven medical marijuana dispensaries who had received a limited immunity authorization letter from the City of Vallejo on or before August 22, 2017.  The permit will be subject to revocation pursuant to subsection 7.100.085. Within 90 days of issuance of the permit, each Medical Marijuana Dispensary must comply with the following:

  • Display a sign in the Medical Marijuana Dispensary prohibiting use or consumption of Marijuana on or near the premises.
  • Contain outdoor waste and recycle bins within a locked structure to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Comply with outdoor signage restrictions of Chapter 16.64.
  • Install exterior perimeter lighting system. Exterior lighting should be high pressure sodium, or equivalent type, and shall have an illumination intensity of between one and four foot candles. Lights shall be directed and shielded so as not to illuminate into adjoining properties. Lights shall have a housing to protect against breakage. Broken or burnt out lights shall be replaced within one hundred twenty business hours.

Documents that may be needed for each of these requirements are available at the following link

Limited Immunity

Changes were made to the Vallejo MMD Proof of Compliance Form with regard to Section 6: The MMD Manager's Name.  The City has provided a Livescan form that MMDs should utilize when completing this section.  The Vallejo Police Department will receive the results of the Livescan and will retain the record.  Please complete and print two copies of the Livescan form.  One will be submitted to the Livescan Operator and the other should be retained by the applicant.  The Vallejo Police Department does no offer Livescans for the public.  Please locate an authorized operator for this purpose.

Information pertaining to the process by which Medical Marijuana Dispensaries may be considered for limited immunity pursuant to the new ordinance is available here:

Vallejo MMD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Vallejo MMD Proof of Compliance Guidelines
Vallejo MMD Proof of Compliance Form
Vallejo MMD Prohibited Activities Checklist
Vallejo MMD Livescan Form (guidelines for filling out the Livescan form)
Ordinance 1715 N.C (2d) MMD Limited Immunity & Repealing Ord. 1709 NC (2d)
Ordinance 1714 N.C. (2d) Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Tax Collection
Ordinance 1711 N.C. (2d) Property Maintenance Ordinance
Ordinance 1716 N.C. (2d)1716 N.C. (2d) Amending Section 7.100.070 Setting Age of MMD Employees and Volunteers

Please review the "City Council Adopts Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinances" press release by clicking this link