Status Reports

907 Falcon - This property has been abandoned for a number of years and has extensive fire damage on the interior. Transients apparently break in and sometimes spend the night there and dump trash on the property. This has resulted in an ongoing nuisance and the City has repeatedly gone out to clear the debris and occupants. The city is exploring using a receiver to rehabilitate this property.

330 Moorland St.and 321 Moorland St. - These properties were the subject of repeated criminal activity and neither home currently has access to running water. Neighborhood Law Attorneys have posted 17980.6 Notice on 330 Moorland and are weighing their options on how best to address this issue.

1306 Magazine - Have attempted to contact property owner. Still no response. Pulling together more information.

742 Illinois - Have attempted to contact owner. Still no response. Pulling together more information.

135 Bayview - This property was the subject of several recent calls for police service. Neighborhood Law Attorneys are in contact with the owner and have strongly encouraging her to address the issues occurring here. Neighborhood Law Attorneys are weighing their options on how best to deal with this property if the owner does not comply.

125 Tennessee St. - The property owner was contacted by Neighborhood Law Attorneys and informed the building needed to be improved. Upon being notified of the issue the property owner significantly cleaned up his property and is in contact with Neighborhood Law Attorneys to clean up outstanding issues occurring here.

618 Branciforte St.and 620 Branciforte St. - Severely blighted properties. NLP is weighing options between using a receiver to rehabilitate the properties, or to demolish.

426 Capitol St. - This home had a giant hole in the roof for years, but after Neighborhood Law Attorneys sent out their pre-nuisance letters to the owner and Chase bank the successor in interest to the property. Permits were obtained from the building department, the hole boarded up, and substantial construction is ongoing.