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Parks and Recreation Improvements

 Parks & Recreation Improvements 

Project Allocation: $ 631,500
 Amount Expended: 99%
PAL Project - ONGOING - estimated completion by May 31, 2016
Votes: 1,323   Voting finish among 12 projects approved:  #3
Project Description:
GVRD Project ($ 371,500):
Upgrade, repair & improve 12 GVRD-managed park & recreation sites, including benches, playground equipment, restrooms, water fountains, sidewalks, picnic tables, lights ($371,500)

PAL Project ($ 260,000):
Construct a restroom/snack bar at the PAL soccer fields located at 301 Wallace Avenue ($250,000 original allocation; $10,000 contingency allocated by City Council in March 2016)

Implementing Entities:
Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD)
Police Activities League (PAL)


GVRD Project:
GVRD began work in March 2014, tasked with improving 12 parks and granted $371,500. GVRD agreed to contribute at least $159,000 of in-kind contributions for labor and management, so that all of the $371,500 could be used for materials.

GVRD 100% of its funding by December 31, 2015, completing not only all 12 original sites in the contract, but came in considerably under budget and was able to increase funding for a new playground at North Vallejo Park adding a 13th site for park improvements and a new playground at Setterquist Park.

PAL Project:
PAL contributed $82,000 on top of the original PB grant of $250,000, and has begun construction at the VCUSD-owned fields on Wallace Avenue. In March 2016, City Council allocated an additional $10,000 contingency to the project. The building is up and undergoing finishing touches and final accessibility improvements, with an estimated completion date of May 31, 2016.

 Setterquist Before
 Setterquist AFTER

Parks an Rec Improvements
 North Vallejo GVRD Park


GVRD Parks 
 Delta Before  Delta After  

 Restroom/Snack Bar at PAL Athletic Fields

 PAL Construction PAL Construction  PAL Restroom 
 PAL Restroom Walls
PAL Restroom
PAL building 
 PAL Restroom PAL  PAL 

 Resolution No. 13-114 N.C.
 Original Project Proposal