Updated: August 19, 2014 

 Support for STEAM Project 

Project Allocation: $ 270,000
Votes: 1,163   Voting finish among 12 projects approved:  #4
Project Description:
Purchase equipment for the STEAM program in the three public middle schools.

Implementing Entities:
Vallejo City Unified School District

The project was originally conceived in three parts: textbooks for high school libraries, books and equipment for the Accelerated Reader programs at two elementary schools libraries and equipment for the existing VCUSD STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) program in the middle schools.  After the project was approved, the VCUSD informed the City that it had received a grant for Accelerated Reader programs, and they requested that the funds be allocated in whole to the STEAM program.  The City was amenable to this change.

Project Updates:  The project funds will be fully expended by June 30, 2015. 
6/19/2014 The agreement is executed between the City and VCUSD.
The Board of Education approves the agreement for purchasing equipment and materials for the STEAM program, totaling $270,000.  The agreement also describes $717,000 in value and financial in-kind contributions from VCUSD.
10/25/2013   The City Manager provides a memorandum to the City Council describing that all funds will be dedicated to the STEAM program.
7/23/13 The City Council adopts Resolution 13-115 N.C., redistributing $270,000 from the General Fund to implement the project.

 Resolution No. 13-115 N.C.
 Memo - PB Supporting School Libraries & STEAM Project
 Original Project Proposal
 Exhibit A: Project Scope