Community Gardens

 Community Gardens & Nutrition Education 

Project Allocation: $ 146,500
 Amount Expended: 100%
Votes: 954  Voting finish among 12 projects approved:  #7
Project Description:
Develop 9 gardens across Vallejo to serve as safe spaces to grow food, beautify neighborhoods, educate kids, and decrease crime. All of the gardens are providing opportunities for the public to visit and learn about gardening and nutrition, beautifying vacant lots or school grounds and enhancing community cohesion.

Implementing Entities:
Vallejo People’s Garden (& Global Center for Success)
Friends of Loma Vista Farms
St. Vinnie’s Community Garden
Kyles Temple
Mira Theatre Guild
Omega Boys & Girls Club
Cave Language Academy
Cal Maritime Academy
Jesse Bethel High School

Community Gardens
Vinnie's Gardens 

Community Gardens 
 CAVE Elementary  Seeds  Corral at Loma Vista
 Loma Vista Farm  Loma Vista Farm  Vallejo People's Garden
 St. Vinnie's

 Kyle's Temple
 VPG Garden Mobile

Global Center for Success Contract
St. Vinnie's Contract
Omega B&G Club Contract
Mira Theatre Contract
Loma Vista Farms Contract
Kyle's Temple Contract
VCUSD (Jesse Bethel HS) Contract
Cal Maritime Contract
VCUSD (Cave Elementary) Contract
Resolution No. 13-117 N.C.
Original Project Proposal