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Monticello Pipeline Project

Where Vallejo Gets its Water

The City of Vallejo currently uses two surface water sources for its drinking water (no groundwater sources). The City's total surface water entitlement, from all sources, exceeds 43,000 acre feet annually. System outflows typically average half that amount at around 20,000 acre feet per year.

Although the City has not utilized a significant amount of its annual water entitlement, the State Water Board retains oversight and use authority of nearly 66% (or 28,000 acre feet) of the City's annual water allocation that is delivered from the Sacramento River via the North Bay Aqueduct.

The remaining 34% of the City's annual water entitlement (or 14,600 acre feet) is accessed locally through conveyance systems tied to the Solano Project/Lake Berryessa, and administered through the Solano Water Agency.

The Monticello Pipeline Project

While the availability of the Solano Project water coming to Vallejo from Lake Berryessa is assured this year, the State has notified water service providers that water deliveries through the North Bay Aqueduct will be completely curtailed through early 2015. As a result, for the remainder of 2014 the City of Vallejo has lost its single largest source of drinking water.

Fortunately, in preparation for this reduction in water availability, on March 4th, 2014 the Vallejo City Council unanimously approved an emergency water pipeline upgrade project designed to increase raw water flows from the Putah South Canal Terminal Reservoir (Solano Project/Lake Berryessa water) in Cordelia and into Vallejo's water treatment plant.

The project consisted of replacing 4,000 linear feet of 24-inch pipe with 42-inch pipe from the line that connects the Putah South Canal Terminal Reservoir to the Fleming Hill Water Treatment Plant in Vallejo. The 1st phase of the project was extremely time sensitive because the replacement had to be completed before the State stopped water deliveries from the North Bay Aqueduct.

The Public Works Water Division began replacing the pipe on April 17th 2014 and competed the effort on June 12 2014, just days before the State halted water deliveries from the North Bay Aqueduct.

Check out the picture below to see how much pipe has been replaced to date! The red portion indicates how much of the pipeline has been installed.

Mont Pipe Half-way

Click here to view project plans for Phase I of this upgrade project.

For more information please call the Water Division at 707-648-4307.