NOTICE: Mare Island Force Main Boring

NOTICE Mare Island Force Main Boring
Posted on 11/26/2018
Mare Island Sewer and Water Main Replacement Project Update

The direction drilling contractor for the project at River Park is scheduled to work 24 hours a day through January 21. Most of the night work will involve enlarging the bore hole and pulling the pipe through. The first order of business will be to free a 42-inch reamer that got stuck prior to the holiday.  This will be completed by vibrating the casing to move it to up 10-feet to clear a path for the reamer to pull through. In order to complete the work by the end of January, the boring contractor requested and has been approved to continue to work 24-hours a day through January 21 (or until the second bundle is pulled through). Here are the measures the contractor will employ to reduce noise:

Disable the excavator backup alarm (alarm will be enabled during daytime activities),
Maintain the pedestrian free safe work zone or Exclusion Zone for excavator,
Run the excavator at low speed, idle, or turn off when not in use,
Provide sound barrier at end of Exclusion work zone,
Install sound barriers around recycle unit on City side to reduce noise from recycle units,
Collect and store cuttings from the mud recycle unit on the City side so that trucking only occurs during daytime hours,
Direct lights away from the public areas.

Please contact Ed (707-654-9622) if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued patience and support to complete the project.