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Demographic Information

According to the 2010 Census, Vallejo's population has changed from 116,760 to 117,798. Over the next five years the population is projected to grow by another 1.2%. There are almost 39,300 households in Vallejo, at an average size of 2.9 persons. 

The city's residents are well educated, as an estimated 24% have college or graduate degrees, and another 36% have attended college and/or received two-year associate degrees. The community is ethnically and racially diverse — Hispanics comprise 20% of the local population; 30% are White; 22% are Black; 25% are Asian; and 3% are of mixed or other heritage. Median age in the City is 36.8 years.
Sixty-two percent of households own their own home; the remaining 38% are renters. Average household income in 2010 is projected at $77,239 for the City of Vallejo. The average household income is projected to increase over the next five years to $85,734.

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