Blue Rock Springs Golf Project

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Request for Qualifications (2017) and History of Negotiations

The City has been the record owner of approximately two-hundred twenty-five (225) acres of real property commonly known as 655 Columbus Parkway. The Blue Rock Springs Golf Course site has two 18-hole courses of roughly similar size (with Columbus Parkway separating the two). On May 23, 2017, staff presented a memorandum to the City Council detailing the Golf Course's declining revenues at that time, which created the need for General Fund subsidies due to a cumulative operating deficit of $4.6 million between 2011 through 2017. The City then issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in August 2017 and received nine proposals. Of those proposals, the Greg Norman Company’s original project concept was the only one that met the three City goals for the project:

1.            Renovate and restore the municipal golf course in a manner that allows for it to operate as an affordable public course but independent of subsidies from the City;

2.            Fund the development of a new or renovated multi-use Clubhouse and associated facilities servicing both the gold course and the local community; and

3.            Preserve or improve the existing aesthetics, quality, property values, environment, and view of the surrounding neighborhoods.


Current Status (2023):

Following a robust public process and various challenges to the project, a revised proposal was submitted for consideration and a partial property sale (for about one-third of the original site) was approved for sale subject to reversion of the sale should the developer not complete the project currently submit to Planning entitlements and Building permits.

Additional Status Information:

  • Ownership transfer completed Dec. 2022

    Benefits to the community include:

  • City continues to operate an 18-hole course
  • Upfront fair market value payment to improve the existing portion of the golf course
  • Additional land value after entitlements
  • Right of rescission (cancels sale of property to Blue Rock Springs LLC/property could revert to City if proposed project is not approved and built).
  • City right to select golf course operator

    Next Steps include City/ Developer negotiating agreements for:

  • Participation
  • Performance
  • Staff (time) reimbursement
  • Golf course lease
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